College of Missionary Aviation


Global Activity 

The College of Missionary Aviation uses its resources as a platform to create positive change on an international level. Our most recent project is aimed at reaching the Cabecar Indians of Costa Rica. Students will have the opportunity to put their skills to practical use. A team based at the college is partnering with Costa Rican brothers and sisters to offer crucial medical and spiritual resources to a previously unreached and recently discovered people group. The outreach will include bringing mobile dental clinics to the residents and teaching them how to perform dental services for their own community. Translators have recently completed the first version of the New Testament in the group’s indigenous language, and outreach teams will be ministering to residents with the life-giving books and literacy training.


Pilot Commissioning 

On May 24 2015, Eduardo Solano became the college’s first pilot to be commissioned.College of Missionary AviationEduardo SolanoFlorida College of Missionary AviationTim HugginsFlorida Aviation College